Flowers have always been a little luxury to enliven a spirit, melt a frown, or simply brighten a room.  They remind us of special occasions and spring days and the beauty of life.  They can be simple or elegant, shabby-chic or minimalist, subtle or showy.  But they always please.

Flowers were a part of my culture growing up.  Visiting a friend?  Take flowers.  Promotion?  Bring flowers.  New baby?  Flowers.  Every Saturday, one of my family chores was to arrange flowers for the week.  As a child, our home always had flowers and they always seemed special.  As an adult, I realized how much I missed them.

With HB Fiori, I have combined my passion for design and love of the romance of flowers into something more than a hobby.  I want to bring the little luxury of flowers back into our lives and our interactions with others because they are beautiful. 




Arlington, VA